He Sees Me

“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” 2 Chronicles 16:9a (NIV)

Does what I do matter? Does anyone really see me? 

Even though I am an adult, I still struggle at times with feeling unnoticed, desperately wanting to scream out, “SOMEONE! LOOK AT ME! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” Sometimes, I feel that way with God, too.

It’s easy to question our worth when it appears others don’t appreciate or truly see us, or when we compare their “glamorous” life with our “simple” one. I see my friend’s highlight reels and Instagram pictures of the life I know I will never have. Most days I am just trying to nail the ‘basics’ of doing all the laundry, keeping dishes out of the sink, making sure there is food in the fridge, and showering. If I am honest, that doesn’t feel very “special” or “meaningful”.

Sometimes the false belief — that value lies in the things we do and not in the God who made and passionately loves us — can crush our fragile hearts.

Have you been there?

I can’t be sure where, but somewhere I read this sentence and it has alwasy stuck with me:
“A heart turned toward God never goes unnoticed.”

He sees you right where you are, even if no one else does. He is actively searching for a heart like yours! A heart that loves the Lord — one that’s surrendered to Him — cannot be ignored. But our gracious God doesn’t stop there.

In the hardest of times and on the loneliest of days, I don’t have to perform or jump up and down for God to notice me.

The desire to perform disappears when I know that I am fully known and fully loved by God. And my heart can finally see that His eyes upon me are the only ones I’ll ever need.